Teen Fitness, Teen Health and College Health – Six Worthless Fat Loss Exercises

Teen health, college health and teen fitness are going down the tubes. That’s nothing new. Teen fitness isn’t improving, college health won’t get better and teen health is still declining.Teen fitness and teen health certainly isn’t declining because students aren’t going to the gym. Take it from someone who works there daily. I’m forced to watch terrible squats, lunges, bench presses, etc everyday.Students are working wrong, and that’s why teen health and college health is where it is today. Teen health and college health is terrible because millions of students don’t know how to workout for fat loss or general conditioning.They are wasting their time with worthless exercise. That is one of the huge factors for terrible teen fitness in the country. Students aren’t concerned with form and good exercises. They are concerned with numbers and whatever “Glamour” says to do. College health and teen fitness demands improved workouts for fat loss and general conditioning.Teen fitness, teen health and college health will improve with improved workouts. For a sample of effective workouts, visit [http://www.GenerationYfitness.com] for faster workouts designed just for students to improve teen health and teen fitness.Here are some worthless exercises students do that will never improve college health or teen health.Sit ups: These are pointless and could be dangerous to teen fitness because it could lead to injuries down the road. Sit ups, no matter in what form, will never improve college health and teen health. The will never make you thinner.Bicep Curls: How curling a five-pound dumb bell to help you lose fat is beyond me. Your biceps are a small muscle and working them out will never improve college health and teen fitness. They will not make you in better shape.Triceps kickback: Another small muscle, another worthless exercise that will never improve teen health or college health.A “curlback”: Same as the last two, but a worthless combination of the two. This is the exercise that isn’t quite a kickback and isn’t quite a curl. It’s when you bend over a few inches and do the motion of a curl THEN a kickback. It will never help teen fitness and it will never make you thinner or healthier.Hip adduction/abduction machines: That is personal trainer mumbo jumbo. These machines female students trying to improve teen health and teen fitness love to do. It’s the one where you sit back and either spread your legs apart or bring them together. College health will not be improved. Neither will teen health or teen fitness. Not only do you look goofy doing it, you’re wasting your time.Most machines: College health, teen health and teen fitness would be greatly improved if no machines existed at any gym. About 99% of them are worthless. Don’t waste your time.Teen fitness, teen heath and college health can be improved greatly if they learned to exercise right. Remember, you can check out [http://www.GenerationYfitness.com] to see how easily college health, teen health and teen fitness can be improved with simple workouts. Membership is free!

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