Why A President Believes He’s Above The Law (And May Be Right)?

When our Founding Fathers envisioned and designed out Constitution, etc, they attempted to perceive and conceive of, as many foreseeable issues, as possible, yet, over 240 years later, although they, amazingly, considered many things, one item, today, seems to stand – out, because it is, a complex, emotional one, as well as there may need to have certain protections, for the institution of our Presidency. What should be done, if any President, either violated our laws, put the nation in peril, seemed to demonstrate recklessness, etc? Our Constitution provides a remedy, for what they refer to, as, high crimes, and misdemeanors, which is referred to, as Impeachment. However, there are many gray areas, involved, because no one, is certain, for example, if a sitting President, can be indicted, whether he must respect a subpoena, etc. In a period of, over a century, the Congress has only, on – earnest, brought – up, and seriously considered, impeachment. Many recall, what is known, as the Watergate break – in, and the stretched – out, hearings, involved, which resulted in Richard M. Nixon, resigning, and his successor, Gerald Ford, pardoning him for any crimes. There was never a formal, impeachment, in that case. Then, William Clinton was, originally, investigated for supposed violation, known as Whitewater, which began as an investigation into certain real estate transactions and dealings, of Hilary and Bill Clinton, which led to the infamous, blue dress, and the Monica Lewinsky, scandals. Mr. Clinton was exonerated, regarding anything specific, to do, with the original, Whitewater incident, but, was impeached, for lying, to the Congress and FBI, about his sexual behavior, etc. Although he was impeached, which means, the House of Representatives, voted, to refer it to the Senate, for formal actions, because of alleged misbehavior, the Senate did not convict him. Therefore, why should we be surprised, our current President, appears, to perhaps, believe, he is untouchable?

1. Politics, and the process: Without a thorough process, no one, knows, whether President Trump, has committed any crimes, etc. In order to create an atmosphere, where the investigation, would be, thorough, and fair, after Attorney General Sessions, affirmed, he would remain out of the process, because he, was involved in the campaign, during the questioned period (known as recusal), Deputy A.G., Rob Rosenstein, assumed supervision of the process. He, almost immediately, appointed a Special Counsel, Mueller, to oversee the investigation, because of the exemplary record of the man, as well as to avoid, any perception, of a potential, cover – up. The President, has, famously, attacked the overall process, as a Witch Hunt, often criticized Mr. Sessions, for recusing himself (although the ethics panel, recommended it), and is constantly referring to any reporting by the media, as Fake News. We have also witnessed, many members of the Republican Party, appear, to be, at the very least, enabling, the man, and perhaps, assisting, the possibility of a potential, cover – up. Since it takes, to impeach, and convict, first, a recommendation, by the House of Representatives (impeachment), and then, a process, akin to a trial, in the Senate, where a two – thirds, super – majority, is required by the Constitution, to convict, and, remove a President.

2. Congressional investigation: We have discovered, several individuals, made material misstatements, to the Congress, when they testified, and, the Republican – controlled, House, and Senate, appeared, to hinder, any thorough review, for what appears, to be, political reasons, such as protecting a member of their own, political party. We do not, at this point, know, whether Mr. Trump, is guilty, but, doesn’t the nation deserve, to have the process respected, and ensure, even our Presidents, remain, answerable, for specific activities?

Whether this particular President, is innocent, or guilty, it appears, based on the indictments, and guilty pleas, thus far, because of Mueller’s investigation, there were, at the very least, some degree of illegal, questionable activities, etc. In order to protect the nation, in the future, we need to demand, the process, be reviewed and refined, so, both, any future President, as well as the nation, is protected, in a fair, non – political manner!

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